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As a small business owner, I am grateful for your patronage. Please share your contact information or follow me on social media. I will be happy to help you find the right piece for your need. Just reach out. My paintings have brought me joyful delight, I want to share these, good vibes, with you.

About Patty Donoghue

Patty Donoghue My artwork and paintings are handmade, painted in cheerful colors, with positive energy, and enthusiasm. 'Your work makes me happy' is the most common response of gallery tours. Men take the longest looks! I usually paint pairs, making it easy, for the designer, to solve, wall art needs. This allows a space designer, color match, while adding diversity to the space.

My art was a therapeutic outlet, for myself in my teen years, and continued throughout my life. The artwork has therapeutic value, for others. It influenced, my career as an occupational therapist. Today I am a full time artist, living in Winston Salem, NC, where I experiment with many mediums and subjects. The tone, remains fun, and lighthearted. I play with, inks, watercolors, acrylics and oil, with wax mediums, and other texture, mediums. My work is varied, but always bright, lively art, and can don the walls, of living rooms, or children’s spaces.

I am a member of the Associated Artists, of Winston Salem, where I support my fellow artists, and promote creativity, as a therapeutic, mode in well being, through the community. My artwork and illustrations have been on display in many Juried exhibitions, public spaces, and solo shows. It has found collectors across the country, and has been used to promote events, and fundraising, for important non profit causes, like; leukemia lymphoma research, women health, suicide prevention, Multiple Sclerosis Research, Bike MS, Team in Training, Dementia care, aging in place, and breast cancer prevention. My artwork can usually be seen live in a gallery somewhere.

I invite you to keep up with my new work, gallery shows, have first options to purchase originals, or view creating videos by following me.
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Please contact me for Special requests, commissioned art, personal gift, needs. We can do it!!

Thank you so much for viewing my gallery, and sharing the fun work with others. I am beyond appreciative, to the buyers, that purchase my Art.